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Civil society views on next generation peacebuilding and conflict prevention, Workshop, March 14, 2011

Policy brief: Next Generation

Armed Conflict: Trends and Drivers, Ernie Regehr

Peacebuilding: A broad review of approaches, policies and practices, Nicolas Lemay-Hébert and Sophie Toupin

Peace and Conflict Dynamics in Latin America, Workshop, May 31, 2011

Policy brief: Peace and conflict Dynamics in Latin America

The economics of war and peace in Colombia: Some current perspectives, Rebecca Bartel

Femicide in Ciudad Juarez: Ever present and worsening, Sophia Koutsoyannis

Natural resource conflicts and conflict transformation, Workshop, June 20, 2011

Policy brief: Resource conflicts and conflict mitigation and transformation

Rights to land resources in post-conflict settings: Challenges and responses, Jon D. Unruh

Resources for peace, Philippe Le Billon and Corin de Freitas

NGO Peacebuilding Innovations, Workshop, July 15, 2011

Policy brief: Non-governmental organizations and peacebuilding innovation

Consolidation de la paix et approche globale: Vers une intégration des ONG?, Jonathan Blais

The Arab revolutions and challenges for peacebuilding, Nizar Ghanem

Emerging Issues

In 2008, Peacebuild carried out a number of consultations on emerging issues. The findings of that process are summarized in the documents listed below:

Governance, Democratization and Violent Conflict

Youth, Gender and the Changing Nature of Armed Conflict

Governance, Democratization and the Revisioning of Gender, Youth and Relations of Power

Religion, Violent Conflict and Peacebuilding

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