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Vat Kamatsiko's Introduction



#2 Edwin Mang'eni 2013-03-13 09:09
My take is that if the understanding of Peace and conflict is not depended then it becomes difficult to define and standardize PCIA. We just came from Elections in kenya and everyone is saying they were peaceful simply because there was no violence....whe n we undertake assesements i think it is fair enough to ask...for whose benefit andi guess this links to the ethical issues Kenneth mentioned in his introduction. Thanks for the great introduction.
#1 Eric Abitbol 2013-03-08 20:06
This is a tremendous introduction, rich in questions and directions for further research, as related to this PCIA initiative. The IPACS and IPIP frameworks are valuable tools that I hope will be explored with greater depth throughout this work. As with many others, Vat expresses concern about improving translation of PCIA into practice and programming, methodologicall y, programmaticall y and organisationall y.

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